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Speaking to a deep­seated human fear of groundlessness and change, the work abandons stability and a recognizable world. Incomplete warnings are gestured and pierce the picture plane, flattening it into jagged shards that are unrecognizable.

Serigraph collages and assemblages operate as high-resolution screens the provide views of accelerated built environments that shatter into stuttering and razorsharp hi-contrast graphic regions. Fragmentary bits of a larger situation, the collages and assemblages emerge into a three-dimensional plane that feels tentative, vulnerable, and hyper-real.


“Price’s visual world consists of both appropriated scenes and personal machinations of pure imagination. In it are fragments of collected, distorted, and replicated artifacts ... The result of this combination is a hypnotic tour of where our psychological and information architecture collide.”

Maxwell Neely­Cohen
Hyper 20XX (catalog)
Kesting / Ray: NewYork, 2012

"Price, whose collages of fragments of graphic elements evoke the rapidity with which such images are made - and made available to be seen in the digital age."

Edith Newhall
The Inquirer: Philadelphia, 2015

“Incredibly smooth patchworks of intersecting planes and perfect and imperfect geometric figures–rhomboids, trapezoids, and polygons within polygons–sometimes embedded within an overriding, predominating geometric form that hovers over the field like a transparent Cubist dirigible. Every one of them is multileveled and stunning. Indeed, each piece in this exhibition is remarkably coherent, evocative and engaging.”

Michael Lieberman
Speed, Still, Sway @ Mount Airy Contemporary (exhibition review)
The Art Blog: Philadelphia, 2015

“Price’s titles add a deeper meaning to his abstract pieces. His words are as much a part of his art as paper. Rather than just being impressed with Price’s precision and the depth of his screen prints, upon seeing each work’s title, we begin to create a story for it.”

Kelly Steinlage
II Ways @ Frameworks Gallery (exhibition review)
The Art Blog: Philadelphia, 2014

"The work is both formally alluring and compositionally frenetic. The perfectly printed and re-assembled gradients, and crystalline facets of color fit together in ways that are quite lovely, but those moments of tranquility underly a superstructure of chaotic re-combination. The images seems to be in motion, or more specifically my eyes go into motion, racing around the picture.

At a phenomenological level it’s possible you may never experience one of these images in the same way twice. It reminds me of the experience of perceiving the view out of a train window as it speeds through a city at night; moments and glimpses are mashed-up into a kind of unknowable reality.

I really enjoy the way much of the work leaves the rectangle behind, favoring trapezoids and strange rhomboid shapes. The minute he places one of these on the wall, one’s preconception about the conventions of the picture plane are called into question. The work seems to vibrate between two forms of understanding, as it reads as both object and image."

Amze Emmons
Hyper 20XX @ Kesting / Ray (exhibition review)
Printeresting: Philadelphia, 2012


Born in Detroit, Michigan 1981
Currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA

Mark Price is a graphic artist who uses the serigraphy printing process to produce 2-D and 3-D visual works.

Working with gallery director Christina Ray he has mounted three New York solo exhibitions including ‘The New Real Fantasy Now’ 2009, ’Designer Endgame Strategies’ 2010, and ‘Hyper 20XX’ 2012.

Additionally his work has been featured in group exhibitions at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. In 2009 his work was selected by curator Aaron Betsky for inclusion in the internationally recognized Confines exhibition at the Institut Valencia d’Art Modern.

As a long time member of the Philadelphia artist co-op Space 1026 (2003 - 2013) Price has collaborated with many of the members to produce artist ‘zines for his publishing project Zine of the Month.


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